Friday 15 February 2008

NME1 – now on Kinibooks

The postal pre-orders for New Malaysian Essays 1 have ended! (SFX: Whistle blowing). Thanks to everyone who took part.

Now the book is available online only through Kinibooks, that plucky bookstore run by Malaysiakini.

Wait, there's more! You do have to pay for postage, but each order gets a gift! To find out what the gift is, you will have to click on the link lah.

If you choose not to take the gift (maybe because you already have it), just tell 'em at the Contact Us link.

Or: Just turn up at the launch tomorrow night lor ...


huajern said...

Aiyo. Forgot about the closing date. Will miss your autograph. :)
KiniBooks it is then.

Anonymous said...

abang amir, leh tak nak kongsi rahsia dengan you
email me plz