Sunday 21 September 2008

After the premiere

Thanks to the 200 of you who turned up for the only screenings of the 20 September 2008 version of Malaysian Gods.

I will not show that version again. In fact, the video and audio files for it have already been deleted.

I am instead rewriting it totally for its DVD release, which I tentatively schedule for 1 November :-) I doubt if it will even have five sentences in common with what we screened yesterday. And I think it will end up being around 80 minutes long. (12 minutes longer than the first version).

It will no longer be a one-take but will use only selected clips from the original footage. So, additional scenes will be shot.

This time, I will narrate the thing myself and it will be a nonstop gabfest!


MarhaenX said...
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Anonymous said...

Like I mentioned after the screening, I enjoyed it, Amir. The quiet humour stood nicely against and amidst the KL cacophony.

Having said that, I'm sure an Amir gabfest would be worth waiting for (heh!).

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD i paid 10 bucks for someone's shiok sendiri pukefest. ugh.

and the worst part? u hide this sorry excuse for a movie, let alone a video, under the pretense of experimental lah, documentary lah, indie lah.

if i want to read a magazine article and lame jokes (which, btw, is not even readable behind some jaggy handheld cam shots) i rather watch someone's footage of a toilet bowl. because your DOCUMENTARY SHOTS are worth that much.

and fix your audio will ya. the crackling commentary in the beginning doesn't serve any purpose.

Anonymous said...

it was weird but memorable. and i think i quite enjoyed it in the end, as it made more of an impressionistic impression than a conventional docu would have. i look forward to the dvd version!!

how do i get the last communist??

Amir Muhammad said...

Thanks for your comments and to Howsy too.

The Last Communist? I am sure it is downloadable by now :-)

fie the elf said...

yoohoo we were one of the special ones who got to see it =P

Amir Muhammad said...

The special or the cursed ;-)

Either way, people will remember that they were part of something that will not be repeated, and that was the intention from the start :-)

amirul amin said...

congratz! gd presentation of pure cinema by using walking as a tool 2 xplore,retrace&reconstruct the memory of 20 sep 98..SALUTE YOU..AMIR

Anonymous said...

My dad said he enjoyed it and spoke to you afterwards -- keep in mind that he is not someone who watches experimental cinema or is practised at reading between the lines of anything subtle :-) . He felt it could have been more directly confrontational, but from what I've seen of your work that is not the point, and the social commentary is all there for a keen observer. I'm sorry I missed this version, but look forward to the DVD.

-- Preeta

Anonymous said...

u ni saudara si helmi gimik ke?

Anonymous said...

hi amir.. im interested to get some of ur films.. where can i get???