Thursday 11 September 2008

Siput Serawak was a lady with an attitude

Oh, I just love her!

One of my favourite old-movie anecdotes, as related by the late scriptwriter Hamzah Hussin, was about her. She once came up to him during lunch-time and said, "Hamzah, jom makan!" And he said, "Mana boleh, Siput? Sekarang bulan puasa." So she lifted up her dress (she had no underwear) and flashed him, and then said, "Dah batal puasa kau. Jom makan!"

And yes her name really was spelled like that. It was her daughter Anita who changed it to Sarawak.


Valisa said...

OHH I LOVE her. She is my favourite Malay actress ever! Hahaha and I love the anecdote!
When I was 15, my dad caught me smoking. He told me I can smoke IF I can perfect the *I am smoking look* ala Siput or Bette Davis... I spent the best part of my holiday smoking in front of the mirror and pouting... and eventually giving it up for failing Siput and Bette miserably :P

Crankster said...

Hahaha! In a country that is growing increasingly religious-fundamentalist, that story is refreshingly hysterical!

Anonymous said...

That story is brilliant, and I agree with crankster above. Really makes you realise how much things have changed!

One of the (less important) ways it's changed is that most women wear panties now :-) . There's a story in our family of a relative getting angry with a pestering child and lifting her skirt in anger -- and nope, no undies there either.

-- Preeta

Amir Muhammad said...

Preeta! I am about to FB you on a matter of copyright ;-)

Anonymous said...

OH..this cant be true..