Saturday 24 April 2010

Pop gurindam for SM

(I was asked to ulas the book Sultan Pun Blog on stage at its launch this evening. But I decided to read this out instead. Much of what passes for Malaysian pop culture is excruciatingly banal, but credit must be given to Sultan Muzaffar for being one of the earliest -- and still one of the most popular -- entertainment bloggers in the nation. I believe that his original impulse, or throb, must have been of love. Syabas!)

Selamat petang to all tuan dan mem

We're here to sambut the book by SM

Although near the new Istana Negara

Sultan Pun Blog tak guna cukai anda

According to pakar bidang seksologis

S and M can mean sadis dan masokis

It's often thought as bukan cinta biasa

He knows spanking is part of asmara

SM and pop ditakdirkan go together

They are toast with kaya AND butter

But I can't watch Akademi Fantasia

I find it more fun to listen to Perkasa

Despite kesesakan lalulintas of KL

He will not miss P. Ramlee or PGL

Watching a play lima kali is no hal

It's an addiction, but it is still halal

He has two chapters on filem Sepet

But doesn't include any filem rempit

We all sedia maklum Siti's majesty

But he should explain rahsia Mawi

He can sing praises of seronok gila

When writing of Cinta dan Rangga

But menyumpah with funny vitriol

When describing Cinta Kolesterol

If we want to be gila babinya honest

Our pop culture bukanlah the mostest

Too many folk want to play safe only

Castello wants us to eat biskut Julie

Budaya is not just films, song or stage

It is also how kita PILIH untuk engage

Sultanmuzaffar is a pelopor bloggerati

He helped kembangkan our vocabulary

Some pak menteri do not like bloggers

Then again, some politikus are bonkers

If democratic New Media they tak nak

Feed these guys to a flying pontianak


fadz said...

hoho! a cute one!
its sad i couldnt come!

Anonymous said...

Pandainya ko cilok, ya Mir. Dia suruh ko puji buku dia, ko tak sanggup. Habis tu, penyelesaiannya, ko buat gurindam yang tak kena mengena pulak. Kelas ko.

Amir Muhammad said...

If you think 'ulas' means 'puji', then your Malay must be pretty crap.