Thursday 17 June 2010

10 haiku for KL driving

Stuck in traffic jam
You can control your road rage
But not your bladder 

Your IQ shoots up
Listening to BFM
In a SMART tunnel

Guy in the next car
Do you know him from somewhere?
Green light; moment lost

A tall hitchhiker
Is he safe or dangerous?
Someone might find out

Whoever can solve
Our taxi-getting problems:
Stand for elections!

Think of the farmers
They are blessing this downpour
We are in gridlock

Streets are newly-washed
Huddled motorbike riders
Start leaving shelter.

A brave spotted cat
Starts crossing a busy road
Drivers, please be kind!

Cars barely moving
There might be an accident
Misused for 4D

"Beep!" exclaims your phone
You text: "OTW"
Your friend will get it


Uthaya Sankar SB said...


P/S: Did the spotted cat make it?

Obefiend Weiland said...

it aint haiku if there is no reference to the season eh?

i read about that somewhere

also I don't really GET haiku. poem it is not. clever it never is


but i like pantun 2 kerat. that's as close to a Haiku that i will ever get!

abdullahjones said...


Unknown said...

bloody sms, can't help it sometimes. haha!

Daisy Wylde said...

never get stuck in a jam on a rainy day in KL!! horror!

Abesa007 said...

nice one!

i never know that listening to BFM can boost your IQ?

Guess i'll be tuning in every night before I sit for anatomy and genetic papers~ Lol