Wednesday 16 June 2010

ROJAK in The Sun & NST today

(click to enlarge and read it properly.)

The Sun interview can be read here.

The book is not even in shops yet! Will keep yawl updated ;-)

Thanks to everyone who came to the launch! It was hectic and fun, as usual.


DarcyDiaries said...


hope u r in good health and condition! yes, i read about it this morning via The Sun. Can't wait!! :-)

Keep on writing! :-)

FaMY said...

Had absent-mindedly ran to MPH last week without reading this. The MPH search engine says '0' in all MPH stores..


iFFa said...

gonna buy this one tomorrow :D

Afni Anida said...

I have just read your book cover to cover (tut! tut! should have been reading the Quran instead :))- pure genius! Let's get married! as the kids say nowadays: LOL. Please work on Rojak 2, you could possibly call it PASEMBOR.

nadia alias said...

i love it. keep on writing.