Tuesday 25 September 2007


Saw this English translation of a local novel at a bookstore:

Picked it up. Couldn't browse as it was wrapped, which I always find irritating. So I only had the blurb on the back cover to read. And this is what it said (I am not altering a single letter):

He is not the one who blaze all this thing happened. He only defend his family dignity who were brutally murdered by somebody. Hence, does he find guilty because of killing his aims, just return the vengeance?

The book is published by Creative Enterprise, one of the most successful publishing houses in our fair nation.


Ted Mahsun said...

Looks like Matahari's gotta raise the standards if it wants to go up against the big boys! :D

Amir Muhammad said...

Ted, don't tell anyone but ... the second edition of 'Malaysian Politicians Say the Darndest Things,' the one that's in the bookshops, has a typo!


Azie said...

hello amir. Im a communication student from Taylors college and i would like to know if it is possible for me to interview you about your movies and books :)
i would very much like to know your opinions and thought regarding movies in Malaysia.

Amir Muhammad said...

Sure thing Azie. Do drop by at the Amcorp Mall flea market this Sunday :-)

Anonymous said...

like that also can ah?

Anonymous said...

Hi Amir,

If the blurb is any indicator, the content would be hazardous.

Maybe that's why the books are wrapped. :D

Azie said...

thank you for replying! i would love to meet you personlly for the interview.unfortunately im at Melaka till next week.would it be ok if i email u my questions? my email (aziezatie@hotmail.com)