Friday 29 February 2008

Call for Entries: NME2

Matahari Books seeks entries for New Malaysian Essays 2!

Yes, we aim to publish maybe 8 people this time. The cover art has been chosen. Each essay, either in English or Malay, should be between 5,000 to 15,000 words.

Among the stuff I wanna see:

- National Service, written from the POV of someone who just went through it
- Contemporary architecture
- Life in a Malaysian jail or drug rehabilitation centre
- Dating rituals (urban or rural, straight or gay, or maybe all together).
- An essay that can be told mainly through pictures
- A biography of someone you think we should all know about
- A comparative thingamajic between Malaysia and a neighbouring country
- An extended, perhaps investigative, rumination on a single local song, film, painting, poem.

... but I am open to suggestions.

Absolute deadline 31 August 2008. But email me much earlier ( matahari.books at ) if you are working on something :-)

The book is due in stores in early 2009. The good news is that some stores have already placed advance orders!


Anonymous said...


Finished #1. Cant wait #2.

Martin Bradley said...

Well done Amir for your first exciting collection.

May I propose an extension of my essay Lost in Paradise - The quest for a Malaysian Artis... for your new collection - I am pursuing the theme of Alatas's Revisiting the Captive Mind . As I notice there is very little true art criticism here in Malaysia.

Tell me what you think.

Well done and congrats by the way for your first collection.

armyzonovic said...


one of the stuff which is about life in a malaysian jail is out at one column at The star today. it will out for three parts starting from today. I enjoy reading that. i'm sure u too. why don't u invite him to write for NME II for more writing exploration.