Wednesday 19 March 2008

A modest proposal for the new Selangor state government

First off, congratulations! I shall certainly keep track of developments via Elizabeth Wong's blog, and other sources.

Now, on to something else. This is something that even Citizen Nades has not written about: Shah Alam has no cinema.

In fact, no cinemas has ever been allowed to open there.

This is a shame. There are tens of thousands of students at the city's Universiti (Institut) Teknologi MARA who would be thrilled to watch the upcoming Evolusi KL Drift the way it's intended to be seen. As it is, they have to come schlepping to KL and PJ each weekend, causing unnecessary queues for the rest of us.

I am not sure what the official rationale is. If it's on the orders of the palace, it would be a weird thing, as the current sultan has been personally involved in the financing of recent toe-tapping delights like Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam 2 and 1957 Hati Malaya.

If it's on the orders of the Islamic authorities, do we really want to encourage this killjoy Wahhabi type of Islam to take root here? (We are not Saudi Arabia!)

So although basic necessities such as water and housing are more important items on the agenda, do give cinema(s) a thought too.



Thedervish said...

I wholly agree with the proposal, Shah Alam is in desperate need of a cinema.The idea of having only to walk to the cinema for the latest flick appeals to me, no need for us students to endure the bus ride back and forth just to watch a movie in KL. Btw i went to Midvalley's MPH a few days ago and i can't find New Malaysian Essays 1 and the clerk was not much of a help. Is it like sold in really limited amounts? Because i'm really interested in grabbing one.


Anonymous said...

Jitra has a new cinema which I didn't notice until dear wife mentioned that her friend in Alor Star came to Jitra the other day to watch a movie. But still no MPH in Alor Star and Jitra, unless I fail to notice its existence too, which is unlikely.

Amir Muhammad said...

The Dervish! I did see it at MPH Midvalley 2 weeks ago, stocked near the entrance, in a display for all odd-sized books including those Malaysian interior-design picture books ;-) Ah well, if shop assistants continue to be clueless, you can always get it online :-)

HajarAznam said...

Yeah..i agree with this. We need a cinema at shah alam. We do have art gallery, museum, bowling, snooker and wet world and i think if we ask for the cinema it should be no problem. Anyway kat uitm kampus puncak perdana shah alam ada lebih kurang 1,000 student yang mengambil jurusan perfileman, tv, animation dan broadcast. Dia org ni semua sepatutnya every week kena tonton at least 3 movie tapi disebabkan kat shah alam takde cinema they have to wait for the weekend utk menonton di KL ini kerana the nearest cinema yang ada adalah di bukit raja dan list of movie yang dia org ada setiap hari amat mengecewakan. Apa yang kita org buat dipuncak perdana ialah we made our own cinema at our faculty but it's not really a cinema la..more to wayang pacak..hehehe..
see..we do need a cinema at shah alam!