Wednesday 5 March 2008

SUSUK is done

This horror film that I co-directed with Naeim Ghalili is finally done.

Post-production took almost 2 years due to numerous delays with the CGI and sound.

I was getting quite annoyed.

But when I saw the fully graded film, with the mixed sound, in Bangkok last week, I got all excited all over again. I am not sure if the audience will react the same way – and since it cost RM1.2 million, there had better be an audience – but I can't foresee these things, as I am hardly, erm, Dukun Dewangga.

It clocks in at 110 minutes. It will be sent to the Censorship Board next week. We will only know the release plan after that.

Wish us luck :-)


Anonymous said...

gd luck!

XMOCHA said...

all the very best Amir and Naeim!

Anonymous said...

finally.... [phew]

Anonymous said...

gd luck!! smoga leh box office.
kirim slm dgn rozana..huhu :)

. said...


Filem yg diffrnt jalan critanya dr mana2 filem seram lain..

Sesuatu yang segar..dlm industri filem,keluar dari kepompong stereotaip biasa.

saya bg 3/5 bintang...ok ler tur..