Wednesday 19 March 2008

SUSUK lepas!

Just got a call half an hour ago: Susuk has been passed by the Malaysian Film Censorship Board with two cuts.

The cuts are: a silhouette of a woman showering in the nude (she was actually wearing a swimsuit that didn't even match the colour of her skin lah); and a close-up of a man's head getting ripped off (OK, that one was kinda gross, and was totally Naeim's idea).

I am glad all the bomoh and bikini scenes were kept in. (Although neither of the bomohs is actually seen in a bikini).

The producers will most likely not appeal against the cuts (which amount to less than 10 seconds) and will instead try and secure a release date.


-_- said...

bila premiere?

Amir Muhammad said...

Lewat Jun, tapi bukan kat Malaysia ;-)

Anonymous said...

hope cepat la ek tayang nie amir!!

Anonymous said...

hmm.. those were unexpected cuts! Are they sleeping?