Thursday 29 May 2008

'Melawan Lupa'

Melawan Lupa (We Shall Not Forget) is a compilation of 10 short films by independent Indonesian filmmakers, to mark the 10th anniversary of reformasi in that country. That was, of course, the period when mass protests (often involving undergraduates) managed to topple the Suharto dictatorship.

The site for the compilation is here. It is a mixture of fiction and documentary, as you can see. It has already drawn quite a few responses, including from Malaysians who saw it in Indonesia, as can be read here.

I am thinking of organising a couple of screenings in KL, and inviting some of the directors over.

This will of course make a nice companion piece to my own Malaysian Gods, which is meant to mark the 10th anniversary of our own, much tamer reformasi (which actually bore electoral fruit only this year!).

I shall keep you updated!


Although the trailer for Melawan Lupa is not yet online, here is a short and frisky piece of video art by one of the directors, Anggun Priambodo:


Anonymous said...

In the same thematic vein, I suggest Pahlawan Pelupa (Forgetful Warrior) - A Non-Tribute to Tun Mahathir Muhammad. A 22 minute documentary featuring interviews with 22 unforgetting citizens about 22 unforgettable incidents during His 22year terforgot reign.

Now that would be some companion piece to your companion piece.
I'd pay 10rupiah to see that.

Look forward to the screenings.

Oleh admin Bebas Malaysia said...

owhh...Ini ke yang Amir nak bt lunch kat umah? Haishh....Awat tak bagitau cek...;p Menarik2..Bila ka bahannya akan di tayangkan bagitau yaaa...Itupun kalau dijemput ;p..huhuhu

Anonymous said...

video art? kekekekeke

Amir Muhammad said...

I agree with Anonymous, this is far too entertaining to go under that pallid label of video art! Anggun has quite a fanbase and during the press conference for this compilation, most people turned up for him.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

YES PLEASE. Have it screened in KL