Monday 26 May 2008

One essay in the bag?

I enjoyed this article, A tale of three mosques, in yesterday's Star so much that I emailed the writer, whom I have never met, inviting him to write about the architecture of Putrajaya for NME 2. And he agreed this morning.

I have also been actively seeking a few others and I shall inform thee in good time :-)


Oleh admin Bebas Malaysia said...

hohohoho..Menarik....dah macam discovery..Betul ke org cakap kat Putrajaya ada bilik kebal besi? Betul ke Putrajaya tu utk kroni2 sja?

mCrossings said...

Bunker in Putrajaya? There's no need to figure that one out.

The most intriguing aspect about such project is the effort, thinking for ideas, pushing of boundaries and raising standards.

It was grand, but at the same time, we Malaysian were given the opportunity to be at our best.

PutraJaya was a clean sheet, pioneering in various aspect of development, from planning, design, construction and implementation. Thousands of malaysian were proudly involved. And a lot has been learnt.

It has been a model for other asian countries, and in turn, malaysian has been continually invited to participate on various development agendas overseas - middle east, africa, central asia etc.

We can do things...if we put our mind to it.

In the gulf region, with their bottomless cash reserve, it seems they want to go beyond ordinary things.

I'm scratching my head now....real hard

Oleh admin Bebas Malaysia said...

"Thousands of malaysian were proudly involved. And a lot has been learnt."

p/s : Ermm Thousand yek..I'm not into engineering agenda, but i will asked my brother bout it..Then, i'll reply back..ahaks..But about alots has been learnt, meants that we never contribute nothing la ek..We just learnt saja..So funny la our goverment..

But, lately my Brother who doing internship at one Engineering company always complainig bout the company..Who corrupt and doing alots of sin..Sampaikan pelan bangunan pun boleh terbalik, how's Malaysian learnt yek? Malaysian learnt nothing..Infact, kita reborn alots more corrupt community and low mentality minds amongs Malaysian..

mCrossings said...

IZWAN, hmmm...
you were still a school boy l e a r n i n g how to count, when some of us were pushing boundaries and technology,

And your brother probably have no clue, (since he is still doing his internship) of all the actions that started in the 90's.

Most the low mentality re-borns are now being invited to participate in international projects.

Imagine the state of government offices now without Putrajaya,

Imagine having to use Subang Airport instead of KLIA - Imagine again tourist arriving at Subang airport.

Imagine having a horse race course in the middle of KL now - eerr.. i think you're too young to imagine this one.

BTW, your brother should quit if he is always complaining.Is it too much work? not up to the challenge?

A lot of Engineering firm are recruiting new staff, since a lot seems to be doing work overseas. I'm also having trouble to look for new staff for our middle-east projects.

As consultants, we don't normally talk about who's corrupt etc. etc in the office. That's between them and Allah. We talk about moving things forward, solving problems and providing solutions. Things that motivate us.

So there again, your brother should quit the company if all there is, are just talk n talk n talk

dah tak ade kerja sangat ke..?

Life is very short, we must do as much as we can.
At a point in time, we can look back and tell our kids, we did that. They will judge, and will certainly do better thing...

Those whom are corrupt, they're living in a different world.

Oleh admin Bebas Malaysia said...

There's some part i agree, but there also part i disagree..But i'm not gonna up to it because MR saying "That's between them and Allah"..

Yes, my brother has decide not onto engineering career, he decide to further study in Master and became lecturer..Last nite, he told me..I proud with my brother, because he has think wisely..Master, money can't buy heaven in judgement day..Duit yang datang dari sumber haram, tidak akan menjamin sebarang kebahagiaan..As a muslim, we has to responsible to our brother and sister..

Atleast, i try to do something to my race as there alots of corrupt people who only think about diri sendiri..

XMOCHA said...

Great choice Amir, I met Prof a few years ago, he is quite fascinating!

Khairulnizam Bakeri said...

Can't wait for NME2.
NME1 is an eye-opener by itself.
Hope NME2 will be even more intriguing.
Go Amir!