Wednesday 21 May 2008

New word from Lingam report

I just finished reading the main part of the Royal Commission report on the VK Lingam scandal (see Malaysiakini for more info) and I am glad that I learned a new word. Perhaps you know it already:

recuse (v.)/ recusal (n.)

Page 10 alone will give you a strong clue what it means:

All fifty available copies of the report were sold out in half an hour. And the report cost over RM500 each!

Strictly within the confines of its genre, it's quite a badass report and much more entertaining that the government's white paper on the BMF scandal in the 1980s (which I could neither understand nor finish, such a himbo is me). This page (96) is one of my favourites:

The idea of a 'Lingam' being 'emasculated'! Never ever ever let it be said that Malaysia lacks material for satirical fiction.


Oleh admin Bebas Malaysia said...

First time ever....Atlast....Dengan harapan Malaysia kita makmur dan sejahtera..Lesu hati kalau kita terikat dengan sistem yang korup lagi basi....;p

Anonymous said...

How were you able to open the PDF file? I got an error when trying to open it.


Amir Muhammad said...

I tried it again and it's just fine. Perhaps you need to reinstall Adobe Reader?