Monday 25 August 2008

Censorship update

We called the censors today to find out if there is a result for Malaysian Gods.

The spokeswoman said: "They are now watching it for the second time."

This can be seen as good news because, if they wanted to ban it, they certainly wouldn't need to see it more than once.

But the bad news is that maybe they found it as confusing as some people found Susuk!

We hope to have the result by Wednesday.


spchu said...


Best wishes from me. We all certainly know that a film maker's creative juices shouldnt be limited to a closed minded Censorship Board, such as the one found in Malaysia :)

an--ew said...

will the pending be due to the by election? By the nature of the film (am guessing here), the result might shines light on the film release?

heard that susuk is doing great...

Anonymous said...

Tak puas lah tengok 20/9 after one round is a more plausible explanation. Hope Wed 27/8 is better than Tues 26/8, if not as good.

Diran said...

I dont care what they think. As long you have this thing called "private viewing". When you have that, try and invite a whole state. That will teach those Censorship people a lesson or two. Oh bytheway, didnt know my blog was noticed by other people. Thanks man. If its good, its worth to comment. Update me if theres anything new. I would love to know more.