Tuesday 5 August 2008

The second controversy?

This article seems to imply that Susuk received 8 nominations because I am on the jury of the same film festival.

Cis! Fitnah!

Full disclosure: I am indeed on the jury.

But for the categories of short films and documentaries.

And I can assure you that I did not have anything to do with the five finalists in both categories. For documentaries, they are: Making The Cut, The Woodsmiths, Kami Yang Disyaki, Restoring Merdeka and The Perak Man. And for shorts, they are: Hasrat, Tiffin, Burp, Eyefinger and Kopitiam Kurang Manis.

I had nothing to do with the feature-film jury (and don't even know who some of them are).



Anonymous said...

Good luck Margaret!


Ajami Hashim said...

"kau nampak lilin ni?"


Khyrel said...

Chill la Amir. That's nothing lah.

But if the Malay newspapers or TV3 picking this up, it surely gonna get some people start talking which in turn a publicity for the film fest itself. So not necessarily a bad thing.

BTW, when is the screenings. I am so in the dark bout this.

Amir Muhammad said...

The screenings start tomorrow :-)

azila said...

Sir,thnks for visiting my blog...I AM SO HAPPY & PROUD of it..btw,good job sir!

in motion said...

saudara amir,
trimas krn singgah di blog
&& penjelasan mengenai kaitan ayam dgn susuk

Anonymous said...

berapa ek kutipan pilem ni?