Thursday 7 August 2008

Second essay received

It is by Andrew Ng, a world specialist in Gothic literature, and the title is "A Cultural History of the Pontianak Films in Malaysia." It is over 10,000 words long, with pictures, and might end up hogging 40 pages in the book :-)

Woo hoo!


Burhan said...

i've actually read some of his research papers. they have that philosophical and theoretical tinge that i particularly like. plus i've always been interested in any theoretical conceptualization of ghosts and gothicism.
looking forward to the pontianak essays. the NME series might actually make matahari books for malaysia what editions gallimard is to france.

yong ibu chem said... amir.

nice film!
mencabar minda! :)

Amir Muhammad said...

terima kaseh :-)

tapi frasa macam 'mencabar minda' tu akan menakutkan penonton lain. so kalau org lain tanya, diharap boleh jawab 'best siot' jer;-)

yong ibu chem said...

hehehe tapi saya suka!

dan yg paling penting...saya paham! :)

Anonymous said...

oh cool.
the first one is on architecture?

Amir Muhammad said...

Yes, the one on the architecture of Putrajaya.