Tuesday 12 August 2008

Spoilers galore!

If you'd like the entire plot explained to you, read the positive review in today's Utusan Malaysia. (If the link has trouble loading, you can read it here).

But if you don't like spoilers, don't read it lah.

I personally don't mind spoilers all that much. I have seen quite a few films including murder mysteries and The Sixth Sense after the endings were blabbed out to me, and I still enjoyed them. If anything, I felt like I was watching the films for the second time and noticing little clues.


LediAgli said...

Sauda Amir,
I just wondering, at the time Mastura went for interview, same day as Soraya went for first concert where she met Mona & Rozana, so, as per last scene, at that time, Soraya already in Suzanna's body. Confusing..

Sorry for my "non-art-qualified" review at my blog.

Amir Muhammad said...

Mastura's hair was different. So she was already in Suzana's story when she went for the interview.

LediAgli said...

Owh.. Okey.. thanks for the explanation. I keep on thinking, and discussing it with my friend(which yet go fo Susuk).. and no where out.. now I know..

btw, thanks for the jejak at my blog.. but seriously not at right time :-) apologize for that.

Btw, I'm ghost/horror film lover..

Anonymous said...

Dear Amir,

I don't really like to write to famous people (cough* cough*), but I have to gather my guts and give you my 10 thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FYI, I had to watch Susuk TWICE, just because. Now I understand the storyline. My German colleagues loved it too. Thank you for injecting a new breath of fresh atmosphere into our local industry. Aleeza's bikini (what's up with an extra panty? for LPF freaks????) Hopefully we won't have to wait for another 10 years!

P/S Can I audition for you sometime, soon.....anytime you are ready for another movie? No harm in asking, right?

Amir Muhammad said...

Hello Kamal S,

Thanks to you and the Germans!

I am sure there was a reason for the bikini to end up that way but I can't remember what it is. The fact that she couldn't swim and was afraid of water – yes, I remember that better.

My next movie has only one actor and I have already chosen him. But if there any other movies after that, I shall inform peeps :-)

Valisa said...

Congrats Amir - this is actually a well written good review though the other creepy *reviews* are more entertaining! Hehehehe
I am so looking forward to watch Susuk. I hope I can source is out somewhere in October when I balik kampung ;-)Is it showing in Germany now?

Amir Muhammad said...


It will show in the Rotterdam film festival in January :-)

Anonymous said...

hi Amir,
I saw Susuk last Saturday. I must say, i'm impressed by what you and your co-director had done. The non-linear approach makes Susuk stands out as a Malaysian film (and Asian). It doesn't feel like you chose this approach just for the sake of providing a twist ending (like how some critics condemn M.Night Shymalan's film). I wonder if such approach was deliberated right from the first draft of the screenplay. Just to share a few things that i find not in favour of the film: Some of the cameos were a bit distracting e.g Yasmin Ahmad as a nurse (though seeing her in a nurse uniform is kinky). The score at times can disrupt the eerie mood. The pillow fight was a bit a cliche. Other than that, Susuk is good. What's next? Malaysian version of Thriller with Afdlin Shauki & Ho Yuhang as gay zombie?

Amir Muhammad said...

Thanks Dylan! The first draft of the script did not have this structure. The version that we shot was the 8th draft.

Up next (for me at least) is an utterly utterly simple movie :-)

Anonymous said...

yey! A Wahab Hamzah suka!

Anonymous said...

Hey Amir... I had to read and re-read the spoiler and only then I understood the story. There were bit parts in the movie that I found confusing. Anyway, congratulations on your latest flick. Keep up the good work! I was soooooooo dissapointed when they didn't want to show Lelaki Komunis Terakhir here...

Anonymous said...

the movie looks beautiful & seeing sofea jane berkemban is worth the ticket price alone :)

my understanding of the story is this. the movie is actually 2 stories in sequence. the opening scene is actually the bridge that join the 2 stories. so the chronology of the movie is,

1. the suraya story starts first until she took part in the susuk keramat ceremony (hanging upside down)
2. then the opening scene where suzana runs out of the warehouse & collapsed to be picked up by the dukun dewangga
3. then the suzana story continues, where she goes around killing people. in the end she realizes that she is suraya or has suraya's soul, and she screamed when she remembered that her bf was killed.

1. the interview that mastura went to is not the same as the one she said she was going to after the pillow fight. it happened much later (i.e. in suzana's story)
2. the killings of the bitchy singer & sofea jane happens way after (i.e. in suzana's story) even though it was shown after suraya meeting both of them.
3. the body found by the indian boy in the river is suraya's body

1. who is the blond prostitute? in the susuk keramat scene it looked like ida nerina in a wig. what is the significance.

i suppose the reveal flashback explanation scenes could be more explicit, since lots of ppl somehow gets the gist of the movie, but have niggling doubts about some aspects of the story. maybe some scenes where suzana is confused about her identity, like her having dreams of suraya's life which leads her to go to the warehouse. then the 'reveal' could take place at the warehouse, upon seeing the place where the bf died, you can show the scene from suraya's pov being played back in suzana's mind.

then again i could be all wrong here

antuawe said...

erm, i do hope my reviews on susuk (on my page obviously) are correct. is it? just checking.


Anonymous said...

My reply to the Utusan Malaysia review: 'Mak Tak Faham Jalan Cerita'. Matilah jalur naratif!

florencefym said...
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