Tuesday 3 February 2009

Debuts at #3

MPH Local Non-Fiction Bestsellers
for the week ending 1 February

1. Mahathir Mohamad: An Illustrated Biography by E. Yu
2. Tau Tak Apa by Dr HM Tuah Iskandar Al-Haj
3. Malaysian Politicians Say the Darndest Things (Vol 2) by Amir Muhammad
4. Barrack Hussein Obama: Presiden Amerika Syarikat yang Pertama Berkulit Hitam by Najib Amin Sahib
5. Nation Before Self and Values that Do Not Die by Yuen Yuet Leng
6. Eat Well, Live Well: Your Healthy Lifestyle Guide by Chia Joo Suan
7. Politik Baru:Mematangkan Demokrasi Malaysia (Bilingual) by Saifuddin Abdullah
8. Things in Common by Syed Akbar Ali
9. Tarik Kekayaan Dengan Kuasa Minda by Amar Mahmood
10. Hadiah Buat Muslimah: Panduan Asas Fiqah Wanita by Siti Nor Bahyah Mahamood


Mat Cendana said...

Congratulations, Amir. I'm wishing and hoping it will not just reach Number One but also remain in the list and in print for a long, long time...

BTW I had just sent an email to my American friend in Seoul (the guy now with a copy of this book) about this - he'll be pleased to hear it.

I might go to Kota Bharu tomorrow, and hopefully stop at a couple of bookshops there. I'm gonna see whether they have stocked your book/s. Will keep you posted either here or at Facebook, if there's any interesting thing worth telling you about.

DarcyDiaries said...

Love the book!! Keep on writing "bestest" stuff ever!