Thursday 7 August 2008

I still have not been to Brazil, alas

But at least there's an article about me in Portuguese! This was on the occasion of my 6horts (2002) screening at a film festival there.


Anonymous said...


i watch 6shorts a couple of years ago.. i like it.
there 's this one thing i want to ask you, while i was watching mona, i saw her (picture of mona) eye blink in split second, just once. did u purposely did that or am i seeing things. i only watch it once, at my friends place. it was years ago and i still curious about it haha

btw, checkout my blog if u hv time.. i did some film too.

Anonymous said...


Amir Muhammad said...

Yes the blinking eye was done by Zalee using Final Cut Pro ;-)

Anonymous said...

i thought so.
that time i ask my friend, hey did u guys see her eyes blinking?
all of them says no, its ridiculous, u are seeing things.