Monday 11 August 2008

The numbers

Susuk grossed RM865,000 in its first four days of release. Alhamdulillah.

It was the second most-watched film in Malaysia over the weekend, after The Mummy 3.

On its opening day (Thursday) it grossed RM145,000. We thought it would drop the next day, which happened to be the opening ceremony of the Olympics. But it instead increased to RM165,000. Saturday was much better: RM276,000.

We expected another drop the next day, because conventional wisdom would have it that more people watch films on Saturday compared to Sunday. But we were pleasantly surprised when Sunday brought in RM275,000, a drop-off of not even 0.5%.

This is a stronger opening than any of the past five Malaysian films to be released.

Not many people expected it to do this well, especially after the best-selling Malay newspaper Harian Metro titled its early review 'Tak Faham Jalan Cerita,' and another newspaper Kosmo accused it of being a sleazy exploitation flick – and made me out to be some kind of pimp. But the fact that it has consistently pulled people in shows that folks are not that confused or, erm, offended.

No, it won't break any box-office records, even by the standards of local films. But a least Grand Brilliance, which spent RM1.23 million on it, won't be too embarrassed. And it has generated quite a lot of discussion (some people really hate it!) which to me is even better.

So thanks :-)


Adam Arjuna said...

to mr amir;

thanks for visiting my blog and its such and honor for me to received your comments.

i'm so glad.

thanks again..

hope for more visits after this k..


Amir Muhammad said...

Eh, how come your blogger profile is not displayed one? Don't lah like that :-)

cDeeAbdulRazak said...

Bro... Rakyat Malaysia skang da open sangat2, takat kritikan cam 2 mereka x akan terima bulat2...

Benda yg kuat dikritik 2 lagi org nak tengok.. and hasilnya.. WOWWW..

Thanks singgah my blog n tinggalkan jejak skali..


Suzila A said...

Hey! Congrats! Glad to know your success in the movie :)

Thanks for dropping by my page. It's an honour having you reading my comments on SUSUK. I'm not really a M'sian movies fan but SUSUK, it's just ... WOW!!! Honest!! :)

Hope to see more of your movies in future.

Anonymous said...

How can they hate Susuk? I travelled alone to JB just now from Singapore just to watch it! And its brilliant! Congrats! I'm really fascinated with the visual aspect of the film. The dukuns' houses are nice lah! Heheheh. The transition from a normal Suraya to the obsessive and naive Suzana was really stunning. I'm watching it again. This time I'll drag as many people I can. :)

Anonymous said...

i see dead people.

Anonymous said...

Tak faham jalan cerita? Hahaha, aku tau orang kita ni agak bodoh tapi kalau sampai plot twist yg teramat basic tu diorang tak boleh paham, aku pon tak tau nak apa.

Anonymous said...


the bimbos are so deliciously bimbo, what with the lines , eg. "susuklah yg membezakan antara artis dan orag biasa", bimbo! Bitch! A great thank you! Love it!!

Amir Muhammad said...

Ah, thanks:-) What a shame that the word 'campy' has literally never been used in any of the reviews. Only the curator of the Singapore International Film Festival, who came to KL for the press preview, has used it so far.

I've said from the start that I've always seen this movie more as a black comedy than anything else.

Anonymous said...

you're life is a black comedy.

Anonymous said...

your life is a black comedy.

Amir Muhammad said...

Nope, that's just my sex life.

kimster said...

Pimp with loads of cash is OK what? :)

Anonymous said...

if you say so.
- black comedian

Ajami Hashim said...

incik amir, susuk 2 plsss...

akusiktauk said...

btw,ur film sgt2 hebat.
buka minda rakyat malaysia n bykkn berfikir.
filem susuk ni meletup pecah panggung di sarawak.


Anonymous said...

semoga Susuk capai 1 juta bersih, amin!

Wangi74 said...

I ni penakutlah.Tak tahu bila boleh tengok ..kot nanti balik Msia.Dulu tgk cerita2 mcm ni masa anak masih kecik so dia tukang tengokkan..bila anak cakap line clear waktu siang baru i tengoklah screen TV tu..sekarang anak pun dah faham apa itu takut so memang dah tak tengok cerita2 begini..:).

Anyway..Keep good work bro.I ambil saja kata-kata orang disini.

Allan Koay 郭少樺 said...

don't forget: you were up against Superstar Rajinikanth that week, not just the Olympics!

moksudah said... yg tak faham jalan cerita tu is too lazy to think :P

one thing je yg spoil the mood ... part diva 2 org tu nyanyi...sorry :)

thanks for visiting my blog..such an honour.