Wednesday 21 November 2007

#1 for the fifth week :-)

MPH Non-Fiction Bestsellers
for the week ending 18 November

1. Malaysian Politicians Say the Darndest Things (Vol. 1)
Author : Amir Muhammad

2. Chronicle of Malaysia: 1957–2007 (Fifty Years of Headline News)
Author : Mathews, Philip (Editor-in-Chief)

3. Feng Shui for Apartment Buyers - Home Owners
Author : Joey Yap

4. Eh! Wat Yu Talking?: Chronicles of Malay Humor
Author : Syed Ali Tawfik Al-Attas

5. My Story
Author : Lim Goh Tong

6. The Sky is Crazy: Tales from a Trolley Dolley
Author : Yvonne Lee

7. Honk! If You're Malaysian
Author : Lydia Teh

8. Fortune & Feng Shui 2008: Horse
Author : Lillian & Jennifer Too

9. Memulakan Bisnes Sendiri (Edisi Kemas Kini)
Author : Ainon Mohd

10. Rahsia Raja Lelong
Author : Eruwan Gerry Norsen

* I wanna get my mitts on the book at #2, actually. You can find out more here. It's a good idea and can take pride of place on my non-existent coffee-table. But it's RM120!
* Had an enjoyable talk session with the illustrator of the #4 book last Saturday. He is actually in the food business and operates from some very successful food courts.
* For the first time since I started tracking this list, there are 4 books by women!


Unknown said...

Tahniah!Salah satu buku terbitan sendiri yang berjaya.

Anonymous said...


Tahniah bab on the first place for 5 weeks berturut2. :)

Keep up the good work!