Sunday 18 November 2007

Around the Web we go

The book has been around for two months and these are the reviews/commentaries that can be found online:

1. MStar by Salhan K Ahmad (13 September 2007) (in Malay)

2. Anuar Manshor (17 September) (in Malay)

3. The Star by Rizal Johan (18 September)

4. Kakiseni by Zedeck Siew (24 September)

5. Ted Mahsun (28 September)

6. Eyeris (29 September)

7. Prima Rusdi (30 September) (In Indonesian)

8. Fadz (3 October) (in Malay)

9. Maverick SM (14 October)

10. Asia Times by Ioannis Gatsiounis (9 November) In Chinese here.

11. Fisha Fawwaz (13 November) (in Malay)


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, I heard the book is great. Gonna get it next time I'm at the bookstore.

By the way, I started a website 2 months ago called Malaysians Say The Darndest Things (as inspired by Bill Cosby), and I just want to let you know that I didn't plagiarize the name, if you're wondering at all. :)

Anonymous said...

what - no nst review?

got a new quote for you, post election:

"I'm not saying BN members can be easily bought but sometimes because of material considerations or power and status they may feel, why not?" - muhyiddin yasin

Siew Eng