Sunday 18 November 2007

Banned by ASTRO

My short Checkpoint was initially supposed to be screened on ASTRO but I have just been informed that the in-house censors have rejected it. The main reason cited is that it "touches on sensitive issues between Malaysia and Singapore."

Really? It's such an affectionate portrait.

So I maintain my record of never having screened on Malaysian TV. Ironically, Checkpoint has been screened several times in Singapore with no problem, and can be obtained quite easily on the 6horts DVD in Malaysia.

I am so glad I am now doing books. Not having to deal with these tremulous uncles and aunties (not necessarily in age!) who control film and TV 'content' is beginning to do wonders for my spiritual well-being:-)

Do you think if I had made a movie version of Malaysian Politicians Say the Darndest Things, it would have been allowed?


Anonymous said...

amir amir my friend is looking for a signed copy of your politicians say the darnest things book. When are you doing a book signing again or do you also do it for mail order?

Thanks ... this is julya by the way - don't know how else to contact you.

Amir Muhammad said...

Hello Julya! The next book-flogging thing will be at the Central Market on the morning of 9 December. Details will of course be posted here :-)