Tuesday 27 November 2007

Singapore civil servants do the darndest things

During one of my interviews to promote the book I mused, perhaps rashly, that "Singaporean politicians are more media-savvy, so they won't do or say anything that might embarrass them."

Thanks to Ben Slater for the heads-up. Ben is younger than me, but he has a most recommended book, Kinda Hot, which actually galvanised me to start publishing non-fiction books when I read it last year. I made sure to name-check him in my interview in this month's TELL magazine too.

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Ted Mahsun said...

I went to the youtube page for that video and my favourite comment from there was:

"Oh man! Oh man! Oh man! An unqualified disaster on so many scales! Besides man, Chinese and hip hop or rap?!? Ain't no way! Leave it to the Malays lah!"

Word! Everyone knows the Malays are best at rapping! Peace y'all!