Saturday 27 December 2008

Get the special edition!

Above: A mysterious reader is the first to get his hands on the special edition of The Malaysian Book of The Undead. It has an entirely different cover, layout and even paper.

Only 500 copies were printed for an installation thingy I am doing at the 38th International Film Festival Rotterdam. So the text has been slightly expanded, e.g. you will be told what Jinjang means, as it's for a foreign readership and all that.

Yup, I will be attending the fest next month, not just to represent Susuk but to do the 'reading room' of an Asian haunted house exhibit.

In the spirit of festive cheer, I will be giving away three free copies of this special edition to members of the Matahari Books Facebook group, sometime in the early hours of 2009, regardless of your geographical location!


Ajami Hashim said...

Salaam bro..

nak tanya apa pendapat u pasal RM20 to watch a Hollywood movie?

Amir Muhammad said...


Amir Muhammad said...

"Our members agree that only by hiking the admission price of Hollywood movies will Malaysians go to watch local movies."

- Then the members of this association are dingbats. Films, unlike cars (i,e, Protons) are not seen as necessities. Hiking prices will only increase piracy of Hollywood films, and cause people to pity/dislike local ones even more.