Sunday 7 December 2008

Pasca pelancaran

Above: a mysterious member of the audience wrapped in bliss while listening to one of the readers at the launch on Friday.

This was also the last-ever event at the Bau Bau Cafe (which is run by Hishamuddin Rais) as the landlord has not renewed its lease. There is a possibility that it will be relocated somewhere else, though.

Thanks to Danny Lim, Fahmi Fadzil, Mislina Mustaffa, Shahril Nizam, Ted Mahsun, Ahmad Kamal Abu Bakar, Amerul Affendi, Azwan Ismail, Sharon Bakar & Cecil Rajendra for reading!

Thanks also to Azwan for the birthday doughnuts and Paul Wong for the birthday cupcakes. It was a pleasant occasion (and one of the readers certainly created an inadvertent stir -- I wonder if that moment will pop up on Youtube and scandalise us further?)

The book will be in stores in about two weeks :-)

* photo by KK. More pix by Azwan (including the cupcakes) here.


Anonymous said...

tak dgr apa yg azwan ismail tu sampaikan...
poem kan?
tapi tak dpt tangkap..

but the last reader..kekeke kelakar dan best

Junaidi Asmara said...


time well spent i say..

Anonymous said...

hahaha is that hafidz?!?

DarcyDiaries said...

Haven't dropped by ur blog for ages...
I guess i have to pay a visit to any bookstores in KL to get the books!